U.S. Urology Partners
Board of Directors


David M. Albala, M.D.

Associated Medical Professionals
of NY

William Bloch US Urology Partner

William E. Bloch, M.D.

Central Ohio Urology Group

Martin Chavez US Urology Partners

Martin E. Chavez

Co-founder and Managing Partner,
NMS Capital

Mark Cherney CEO of US Urology Partners

Mark Cherney

Chief Executive Officer,
U.S. Urology Partners and
Central Ohio Urology Group

Angelo DeRosalia U.S. Urology Partners

Angelo R. DeRosalia, M.D.

President, U.S. Urology Partners
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
Associated Medical Professionals
of NY

Luis Gonzalez US Urology Partners

Luis A. Gonzalez

Partner, NMS Capital

Peter Knapp US Urology Partners

Peter M. Knapp, M.D., FACS

Board Member, U.S. Urology Partners
Co-founder and Director,
Strand Diagnostics

Rush Patel US Urology Partners

Rashmi “Rush” I. Patel, M.D.

Central Ohio Urology Group

Donza Worden US Urology Partners

Donza Worden

Vice President, NMS Capital