U.S. Urology Partners

Created to empower physicians

Physicians don’t go to med school
to become business managers

Physicians want to be able to provide the best possible care to their patients.

At U.S. Urology Partners, we understand this and work collaboratively with our physician partners to support their work and enable them to focus on patient care, not the practice business issues and operations. U.S. Urology Partners relies on its physician partners to provide clinical leadership and drive the delivery of care.

We continue to expand by partnering with urology groups of all sizes, broadening our ability to serve a larger group of the American population with the highest quality medical services.

Partner with us and benefit from

experienced team of healthcare executives with decades of urology domain expertise

and extensive knowledge of ancillary services, revenue cycle and practice management.

Our deep financial resources can enhance services to patients as well as the providers, allowing investment in new technologies, additional professionals and potential practice expansion.

U.S. Urology Partners was formed to allow urologists to more effectively focus their attention on practicing medicine and decrease the distraction of running a business or worrying about operations and capital. We serve as an alternative to practitioners who want to fulfill their mission to provide quality care without sacrificing their independence by joining a hospital.


“The physicians have a central role in leading U.S. Urology Partners. Their input drives the strategic decisions the platform makes. U.S. Urology Partners has been very transparent in all aspects of the organization and has a leadership team with long record of experience and of great integrity. This is important since inherently this preserves independent practice of urology.”

Ned Ruhotina, M.D., Associated Medical Professionals of NY

Let’s work together.